Family business since 1894
Directly from the manufacturer
12 months warranty

Warranty and repair

Neumärker stands for reliability

Qualified technicians repair your defective devices quickly and reliable in our own service department. Our experienced staff knows our equipment in detail and has expert knowledge about the typical usage and loads in the catering sector. To ensure the reliable operation after repair every device runs again through a safety check.

Our extensive spare parts depot assures a timely repair. The components of all in Germany manufactured original Neumärker products are always in stock, as well as common spare parts of all other premium products. In case that a replacement part is not in stock it will promptly be ordered from the supplier. This ensures that only original parts are used.

Complaints procedure:

  1. Please contact your local dealer who sold the Neumärker product to you. He will determine whether the defective device has to be brought to the dealer for inspection of the defect.
  2. Describe your problem in detail and as accurately as possible. You can simplify the process by sending photos of the defective parts if they are visible. Your Neumärker dealer will thereafter contact our service team.
  3. Your Neumärker dealer will fill out the warranty claim document and forward it to us online. Neumärker will decide then whether your case is a warranty claim or you have to bear the cost for repair. A return number will be assigned.
  4. Our service team will contact your Neumärker dealer to decide about the further procedure and to determine whether the delivery of spare parts is sufficient or the device has to be returned to our service department for examination and repair if neccessary.
  5. In the case of a return for examination or repair please ask your Neumärker dealer for the return number to assure a timely processing. The return number has to be attached clearly visible at the outside of the return package.
  6. In most cases it is possible to give you a cost estimate after the detailed examination in our service department.

Repair / warranty claim

Before sending your Neumärker product back to us please contact us at

Cost for the service:

If your case is a warranty claim please contact the dealer with whom you concluded the purchase agreement immediately. If your case is not a warranty claim the cost can vary from defect to defect, so you should ask your dealer for the charge