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Bild 1 Kartoffel-Waffel Backplattensatz | für Helios Vertikal-Backsystem
Potato Waffle Baking Plates | for Helios Vertical Baking System
developed for optimal baking of savoury potato waffles with Neumärker Potato Waffle Mix (art.-no. 05-20126). The waffles are very suitable to carry fresh toppings. • for 2 waffles of 173 x 88 x 20 mm • non-stick coated aluminium
art.-no. 31-40461
€424.94 *
Bild 1 Helios Vertikal-Backsystem | für auswechselbare Backplatten
Helios Vertical Baking System | for changeable baking plates
Perfect Waffles, so easy! The vertical baking system creates waffles with perfect shape and colour. Consequently these waffles are visually appealing and it is hard to resist its attractive scent. Veritable Neumärker! • baking plates...
art.-no. 12-40460
€591.08 *
Bild 1 Multifunktions-Waffelrost
Multi Function Waffle Grid
• a rack to cool down and garnish the waffles • crumbs, sugar etc. fall into the crumb drawer • your working space stays clean • stainless steel
art.-no. 10-10060
€83.07 *
Bild 1 Waffelgabel
Fork for Waffles
• stainless steel made • plastic handle
art.-no. 06-90015
€38.13 *
Bild 1 Trennfix neutral | Sprühdose à 500 ml
Anti-Adherent Spray neutral | 500 ml spray can
• plant-based release agent spray • easy and quick greasing • for baking plates, grill plates and griddle plates • bottle of 500 ml ATTENTION: This product is only approved for the professional application and must not be sold to private...
art.-no. 00-90101
From €8.85 *
Bild 1 Kartoffel-Waffel-Mix | Profi-Backmischung für herzhafte Kartoffel-Waffeln | Sack à 10 kg
Potato-Waffle-Mix | Professional baking mix for savoury potato waffles | Bag of 10 kg
Potato-Waffles, crispy and tender inside, have a lusty potato flavour with a slightly taste of yeast. In combination with different toppings like bacon, cheese, sour cream or apple sauce Potato-Waffles are the new snack for markets and...
art.-no. 05-20126
€74.50 *