• Potato Waffle:

    Crispy with a savoury potato flavour. Prepared with bacon, sour cream, salmon, cheese or apple sauce potato waffles are the new snack idea


Potato waffles , crispy and tender inside, have a savoury flavour with a slightly taste of yeast. In combi- nation with different toppings like bacon, cheese, sour cream or apple sauce they are the new snack for markets and festivals.

THE alternative to potato pancakes - with less than 200 kcal in 100 g. Simply mixed with oil and water: So you can easily prepare new dough occasionally


Costs per Potato Waffle

cost of sales for 1 waffle


Per sold Potato Waffle

at a sales price of

Investment costs

Investment costs




After only 8 days

with 50 sold Potato Waffles each day you are able to make profit!




+ savoury waffle is a unique snack alternative
+ healthier: less fat than potato pancakes
+ convincing shape and taste
+ ideal to complement a sweet pastry assortment
+ increasing sales through adding a wide variety of options (bacon, cheese etc.)
+ distinguish your business from your competitors