Waffles, Crêpes & Co.

Crepes plates, waffle irons, poffertjes grills...

Discover the original Neumärker waffle makers made-in-Germany with more than 20 different available waffle shapes. Find countless important accessories and high-quality poffertjes grills, tartlet machines, crêpe machines and dumpling steamers.

Neumärker waffle makers from our German manufactory are sold at an affordable price. You choose if you prefer the Neumärker professional waffle makers with fixed baking plates or the Baking System to interchange baking plates: Neumärker products like the famous Baking System - the original waffle iron made in Germany – built the foundation of our well-known international reputation. With a large variety of different baking plates – made of massive cast iron or light and non-stick coated aluminium – we can meet all customer requirements and offer the waffle iron which fits the best to your needs.

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