Grills & Griddle Plates

Professional grill units for catering and hospitality

Contact grills, gas grills, griddle plates, smokers, poultry grills...

Restaurant owners, BBQ fans, meat enthusiasts, party services, hoteliers and petrol station companies know about the versatility of this product category. This product category is both appealing and convincing due to its product diversity. Composed of many products made-in-Germany, like the panini and burger grills, chromium steel griddle plates, as well as the new flagship product made in our manufactory - The Diamant Grill. Furthermore you can find our Multi Contact Grills with interchangeable plates, gas stand grills with a precise temperature control and poultry and churrasco grills.

Our Panorama Grills for suckling pigs and lambs are a veritable eye-catcher and complement our product range together with the heavy barbecue smokers. Original Neumärker contact grills have proven their quality for decades and became a basic kitchen tool for many popular restaurant chains and franchise companies

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