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Material price surcharge

Dear customers,

We had hoped that the world market for raw materials would finally stabilise again with the slow calming of the Corona crisis in 2022. With the new price list from March 2022 we wanted to avoid a further increase of our prices during the current year.

Unfortunately, we are not only feeling the continuing effects of the pandemic-related raw material shortages; the war in Ukraine and current world political events are having an additional serious impact on the global economy and raw material prices.

Contrary to our hopes, the speed of the rising prices has actually increased in recent weeks. We are seeing a drastic increase in energy prices and transport costs. Supply chains are disrupted, the costs of raw materials such as aluminium, steel or electrical components have been rising constantly since the beginning of 2021. For stainless steel and metals we are currently experiencing price increases in the high 2-digit percentage range within a very short period of time.

The Ukraine war is also having a severe impact on global grain prices. We cannot avoid adjusting the prices of our baking mixes as production costs have risen substantially.

Therefore, we are reintroducing our material price surcharge of 6.5% on our net list prices as of 01 July 2022.

For the time being, no material price surcharge will be charged on food products as this cannot cover the drastic price increases. We are forced to adjust the list prices for our baking mixes. 

In our online shop, we will show net prices that already include the surcharge. 

Stability of prices is in our collective interest. It is of utmost importance for us as a manufacturer to be able to offer our customers consistent prices. However, at a certain point we can no longer compensate for price increases internally. Agreements with our suppliers have lost their validity and we constantly receive price increases. We therefore ask for your understanding for this unavoidable measure and the current market situation.

We all have no possibility to influence the current price development on the world market. But we would like to emphasise once again the strengths of Neumärker in these unstable times:

We are able to deliver! We have our own production in Germany and the appliances from our manufactory are available at short notice. Our suppliers are located almost exclusively within the European Union. The appliances manufactured in Germany meet our high quality standards, just as you have been used to for decades. And as a German family business we offer direct communication and can respond quickly to service questions.

We are sure that you, as a Neumärker customer, appreciate these important factors for customer satisfaction.

Short explanation of the material price surcharge:

The material surcharge will be applied on the list price and is shown separately on offers, order confirmations and invoices. It is valid until withdrawal. Should raw material prices rise further or fall drastically again, which is currently not to be expected, this surcharge can be increased or reduced flexibly. You will be notified of a possible change of the material price surcharge at least 4 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to adjust your prices accordingly. The increase through a flexible factor as a surcharge creates transparency for you and gives us the possibility to react in case of falling or rising raw material prices in order to remain competitive.

For the sake of completeness, we would like to refer to page 2 in our catalogue 2022 where we have already mentioned the possibility of a material surcharge. The surcharge also applies to agreed special prices with immediate effect.