• Potato Lolly
    Crispy with a savoury potato flavour
    Prepared with bacon, sour cream, salmon, cheese or apple sauce potato waffles are the new snack idea

GN Containers

40 mm deep GN containers are perfectly suitable to turn the Potato Lollies in delicious spices. You can create an attractive variety with some different flavours.

GN Container

Costs per Potato Lolly

cost of sales for 1 waffle


Per sold Potato Lolly

at a sales price of

Investment costs

Investment costs




After only 8 days

with 50 sold Potato Waffles each day you are able to make profit!



+ savoury waffle is a unique snack alternative
+ healthier: less fat than potato pancakes
+ convincing shape and taste
+ ideal to complement a sweet pastry assortment
+ increasing sales through adding a wide variety of options (bacon, cheese etc.)
+ distinguish your business from your competitors