• Ice Teppanyaki
    The Front-Cooking Ice Cream
    Quick preparation of fresh ice-cream according to the customer‘s request. Entertain your guests with this show.

Ice Teppanyaki 2.0

The Evolution: With Danfoss® quality compressor for a constant cooling even at 30°C ambient temperature. The compressor is very silent and cools the plate down to -20°C in approx. 10 minutes, immediately ready to start. The particular large and effective fan ensures a reliable heat exchange.

Ice Teppanyaki Plate

Tested by "Galileo" on ProSieben (20.05.2016):

Ice Teppanyaki is a completely new way to prepare ice cream. It is perfectly suitable for the haute cuisine in restaurants and hotels but also effective for selling on festivals or in malls. The ingredients according to the customers choice are mixed on the icy plate and served freshly.

"Der Vorkoster" with Björn Freitag on WDR (16.07.2016):


+ Communicate quality: Preparation with fresh ingredients
+ Show effect: The manual preparation is a visitors magnet
+ Individualisation: Your customers can choose the ingredients
+ Create confidence: Preparation in front of your customers
+ Distinguish your business from competitors with this unique concept
+ Hygiene: Easy to clean stainless steel surface
+ Little space requirement: Perfect for Street Food
+ Cost saving: No display is needed to offer several flavours
+ Efficiency: You only prepare the already ordered amount
+ Little requirements: Only a 230 V power supply is needed