• Twist Pop ®

    The cake on a stick.
    In contrast to conventional cake pops, the Twist Pop®s can be prepared quickly and easily, directly at the sales stand, in a very short time. Perfect for markets and festivals or for customers in bakeries and cafes.

Twist Pop Ready-Mix

The new dough mixture has a sweet and unique taste similar to the orginal. It has just to be mixed with water and butter which is especially convenient if you are on fairs or festivals without access to a kitchen.

Twist Pop Ready-Mix

Costs per Twist Pop

cost of sales for 1 waffle


Per sold Twist Pop

at a sales price of

Investment costs

Investment costs




After only 7 days

with 50 sold Twist Pops each day you are able to make profit!



+ ideal for take-away
+ space-saving appliances
+ unique shape as visual highlight
+ individualisation of the hand-made product with chocolate or sprinkles
+ quick and easy preparation
+ distinguish your business from competitors with freshly made cake pops