Made in Germany

Our business activities are focussed on the customer benefits, which consist of the quality of our made-in-Germany products, or process improvements and the endeavour to develop continuously innovative products. We believe that sustainable thinking on the long run and flexible decisions on the short run are no contraction.

Another important key aspect are strategic partnerships and the customer perspectives. We trust in a sustainable business policy and equal cooperations in order to achieve future business growth.

The foundation of our success are our team values:
Every single employee contributes to the company´s future success through his own commitment.

The importance of human being:
A company is not a mere organisation but a place where people come together to create something special which matters. Exactly these people are the core of our company and enrich us with everyone’s own character, their goals and abilities.

Flexibility implies for us to decide promptly in every new situation, to make decisions quicker and to recognise opportunities earlier than other market participants.

Family enterprise:
A family enterprise is based on strong entrepreneurs whose family history is closely linked with the fortune of the company. Neumärker is a family-owned company which is characterised by flat hierarchies.

Responsibility and mutual respect:
Creativity needs diversity. In any professional environment conflicts may arise. We overcome these points of friction through mutual responsibility and respect. Only if we appreciate and accept each other we can work together successfully.

Intrapreneur within the company:
We at Neumärker see every employee as an entrepreneur within the company – so called intrapreneur. Being an intrapraneur means to proactively contribute with their own ideas and to continuously improve our company´s environment every single day.

Communality and team spirit:
We try to avoid rivalry within our company because only team spirit and solidarity enables us to cope with the daily challenges.

Profitability and sustainable value creation:
Every company has to work efficient and to use their limited resources economically in order to survive. Therefore a long-term and sustainable value creation is the key to customer satisfaction.